Whatsapp Module for Foodomaa

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Whatsapp Module for Foodomaa

Now available Version 4.x

– This is a Module for Foodomaa food delivery system, you will need to have Foodomaa script to be able to run this module.
– This Module REQUIRES WAZONE Gateway script that is available for sale on this website.

Change logs:

v4.3.4 (2022/09/29)
– NEW! Add {wallet_amount} and {payable} tags

{sub_total} = order before tax, store_fee, delivery fee, etc
{total} = order after tax, store_fee, delivery fee, etc

{wallet_amount} = the amount paid with wallet balance
{payable} = {total} – {wallet_amount}

v4.3.3 (2022/07/5)
– FIXED! Slow response after click payment when checkout
– IF you don’t have MSG91 or TWILIO account, please choose Fallback to “NONE”,
This will make it faster too.

v4.3.2 (2022/05/22)
– NEW! Edit button on User and Store settings to add phone number
– FIXED! Data Table error

v4.3.1 (2022/05/02)
– FIXED! Send accepted order to all driver eventhough driver is offline
– FIXED! Cannot add/edit store phone number

v4.3.0 (2022/04/27)
– NEW! Support for Wazone Gateway v0.8.0
– NEW! Single page module
– NEW! Enable/disable ALL buttons

v4.2.0 (2022/03/02)
– NEW! Notification for Store Owner for canceled order
– NEW! Message template for Store Owner for canceled order

v4.1.1 (2021/11/25)
– FIX Compatibility with Foodomaa v3.x
– FIX Self-pickup Order notification

v4.1.0 (2021/11/11)
– NEW! Order status notification to customers
– (this is a great addition because IOS users can not receive push notification)
– REMOVED! “Test send” button
– (People don’t have phone number on the admin account will throw an error 500)

v4.0.0 (2021/11/07)
– NEW! Looks and Enhancements
– NEW! OTP Login and Registration
– NEW! Wabot settings and Message Templates buttons
– NEW! Can use any number to send notification, even not in foodomaa system
– NEW! Message templates will make you design your message easily
– NEW! Message support {tags} value
– NEW! ON/OFF button for each user
– NEW! Support for Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico phone numbers.
Customers will still get notification even put the wrong format.
– FIX! Minor bug fixes

v3.1 (2021/08/24)
– NEW! Add editable Timeout value for slow servers (Functions.php)
– NEW! Add a few Customer variables for message format (Message.php)
– FIX! Fix problem sending notification to Customers.

v3.0 (2021/08/20)
– NEW! Addition of WA-BOT whatsapp gateway service provided FREE with this module (read Functions.php)
– NEW! 3-in-1 module to make it easy to switch between whatsapp gateways
– NEW! Faster logic to send notifications, now twice as fast as before
– FIX! Sending to Super Admin is disabled because of the nature of WA-BOT and Wassenger
Can not send to SELF. If you use callmebot, enable it by removing the “//”
when editing OrderController.php
– FIX! Minor bug fixes

**Absolutely NO REFUND will be given if the product has been downloaded
**Buying this product means you agree with the refund policy stated above.

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