Midtrans Payments Module For Arrocy-WG


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Module v3.x requires Arrocy Whatsapp Gateway version 3 and up


You can now Receive Payments from users and it’ll be processed Automatically by Midtrans Payment Gateway.

How To Install

  • You’ll Get a ZIP file to download after Module Have Been Bought Successfully.
  • Download the ZIP File Named (‘WZ-Midtrans-vx.x.x.zip‘).
  • Navigate to {{yourwebsite.com/public/module-list}}
  • Upload the zip file On the Arrocy-WG Modules Manager.
    (If failed, open file manager to /Modules/ folder then upload the wz-Midtrans.zip and extract)


  • Navigate to Modules Manager Page and Activate Midtrans Module.
  • Navigate to {{yourwebsite.com/public/settings}},
    Click on the ‘currencyCode‘,  please enter your currency code.
  • Add 2 new setting keys: midtransClientKey and midtransServerKey (get this from Midtrans dashboard)

Hooray You’ve Successfully Enabled The Midtrans Payments Module for Arrocy-WG.



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