ChatSupport Module For Wazone


A Real Time Chat Module Between Admin And Users (Customers) on WAZONE WhatsApp Gateway

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This is a Real Time Chatting Module Between an Admin and A customer on Wazone WhatsApp Gateway.

  • Online/Offline Status Of Users Can Be Seen. 


  • Real Time Chatting Between Admin and Customer (Without Reloading Page)




How To Install


  1. Download And Extract to Your Computer The Zip File.
  2. Install the Content of the extracted ZIP File (
  3. Visit ( Enter Your Valid License Key and Activate.
  4. Go to your Website File Manager and Open the file Located on (website_folder/app/Http/Kernel.php).


5. Open the File For Editing.

6. Go to Line 40 or Look for a Line Similar to the Screenshot Below



7. Remove the Double Slash On Line Number 40 (Uncomment).

8. Visit The Chats Page.


9. To begin a Chat Click on the Orange Chat Icon Beside A User Name.


Hooray You’ve Successfully Installed The Real Time Chat Module For Wazone WhatsApp Gateway.







Version Changes


V1.0.0 –> Initial Release.
















Additional information

Current Version



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