Wazone Whatsapp verification and reset password

To enable the reset password through Whatsapp have not been implemented yet, please be patient.

To enable the Whatsapp verification for new user registrations:
Add to “Settings menu”:

“waVerification” => “true” or “false” (this is to enable/disable verification)
“waVerificationMsg” => Text message to show to new users registered on your admin panel.

You can use {name}, {appurl}, and {appname}
Example message:
‘Hi *{name}*! This is a verification process because you have just registered a new account on ~*{appurl}*~. If you did not register an account, please ignore this message. If you did, please click the link below to verify. Thank you, *-{appname}-*

Two conditions must be met in order this feature to work:

  • “waVerification” set to “true”
  • There is at least one (1) ONLINE device on “admin” account.

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