Wazone Node.js server Install (VPS terminal)

– Install letsencrypt SSL (Please google how to install letsencrypt ssl certificate on your vps server)
– Install Node version 14.x or version 16.x (recommended) (Please google how to install node v16 on your vps server)
– Install pm2: sudo npm install pm2 -g
– Run pm2 on server startup: sudo pm2 startup systemd
– Open port 8000 in firewall: sudo ufw allow 8000

Node.js installation on Dedicated/VPS servers terminal style
1. Upload wazone_node_server_0.7.x.zip to https://api.mydomain.com, then extract.
2. Create a new “.env” file, open the file and put: APP_PORT=8000 then save the file
3. Copy 3 *.pem files: cert1.pem, fullchain1.pem, and privkey1.pem to root of https://api.mydomain.com
these files is in: /etc/letsencrypt/archive/api.mydomain.com
after copied these files, rename them to: cert.pem, fullchain.pem, and privkey.pem
4. Start Wazone server: pm2 start server.js
5. If your setup was correct, you will see a response if you go to: https://api.mydomain.com:8000/test

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