Wazone Install (1 subdomain)

– any shared hosting with cPanel and Node.js installed by the hosting provider
– PHP8.0 and UP (Recommended PHP8.1)

Many people having trouble understanding why I separate the admin panel & Nodejs server, so this install instruction is for people that want a simple install on 1 subdomain instead of separate the system in to 2 subdomains.
Please go here wazone-install-2-subdomains to install admin panel & Nodejs server separately in 2 subdomains. Separating admin panel and Nodejs server will give you possibility to put admin panel on one server and Nodejs server on a different server.

https://api.mydomain.com” is just for illustration purpose. So your subdomain name maybe different.

Some servers will have problem when calling https://api.mydomain.com from browser because it will call the nodejs.
So, need to go directly like this https://api.mydomain.com/public/login
To install use this https://api.mydomain.com/public/update

If you faced any issue/problem, please read error message! Then google the error message.
You probably will get solution in 5 minutes, instead of waiting for me for 2 hours to answer you.
“Composer require PHP >=8.0.2” error message, but you already set PHP to PHP8.0/PHP8.1. Why?
Google “change php version in htaccess” for solution.
If it does not work, please ask your hosting provider to set this for you.
For any other issue/problem, please take a deep breath and start typing keywords in to google.

1. Upload wazone_admin_panel_0.8.x.zip to https://api.mydomain.com, then extract.
2. Open browser to https://api.mydomain.com
3. Please follow steps on the installer page.

Because we install both panel & server in 1 subdomain, so both APP_URL and NODE_URL will be the same https://api.mydomain.com
Optional. Fill if you want the reset password feature to work.
You can login with
Login: admin
Pass: password

Node.js installation in cPanel (For VPS users, you can click here for a general guide, no specific instruction because so many variations of vps servers)
1. Upload wazone_node_server_0.8.x.zip to https://api.mydomain.com, then extract.

There are 2 possibilities for your NodeJS application root folder. Either this or like picture below.
If your subdomain like this, use “api.mydomain.com”
If your subdomain inside public_html, please use “public_html/api” for NodeJS application root
cPanel -> Software -> Setup Node.js App -> Click on Create Application
Application root -> fill “Application root” from the picture from above. The rest, follow the example.
Click “Create” button. If you think you nodejs app having problem in the future, you can click STOP -> START APP.
DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT! “Run NPM Install”.
open browser to “https://api.mydomain.com/test” and see if nodejs is working

Open Wazone admin panel -> click “Rest Api” menu.
Before you ask about why my message not sending, please go to “Rest Api” page

Rest Api page -> go all the way down
Copy the “Cron Job” command
cPanel -> Cron Jobs
Once per minute
Paste the command below
Click “Add New Crob Job” button

Not too bad,right? Easy peasy…

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