Wazone Add, Edit, and Delete contact inside phonebook

This feature requires you to upload new excel phonebook, the current imported phonebook will produce error.
The xlsx file will be the same, just need to re-import.
Delete the current phonebooks and import new xlsx file to add new phonebooks.

Go to menu “Phonebooks” -> click on the “PHONEBOOK DATA” to show the contacts -> click on the “Name”/”Phone” to edit contact.

On some cases, specially if you install wazone on a VPS, the update process not fully update the database.
You can check if the database open phpmyadmin -> click table “pbtemps” -> see the structure.
It must have 3 columns: id, name, and phone>
If you have 2, then add column id manually

Add new column. Follow the picture.
After added. yours might look different and will be on position #3, but it’s OK

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