What is wallet?
Wallet is a virtual money that is accepted inside Arrocy-WG system. You can use the wallet balance to purchase monthly subscription.

Who is “bank” user in the system?
BANK is acting like a money changer, convert the money to wallet balance. All money transactions will go through BANK only.
So, you can not delete or rename this user. This user is the main actor in wallet system.

Why BANK always have a negative number?
Arrocy-WG wallet system using a method called “balanced ledger”, which means when there is a positive amount posted, then there must be a negative amount posted to make the ledger balanced.
When a CUSTOMER exchange the $100 money for 100 wallet balance, CUSTOMER will get a positive (+100) wallet balance, this will make BANK negative (-100) wallet balance.

Where the balance go to when a CUSTOMER pays for monthly subscription?
When a CUSTOMER pays 30 for monthly subsciption, it will be minus (-30) deducted from CUSTOMER’S wallet leaving CUSTOMER’S balance to (+70).
Then that (+30) will go to SUPER ADMIN.

Why not BANK the one accepting the CUSTOMER’S monthly subscription?
The reason I made the system this way because I want BANK only deal with “real money”, and let “wallet” transactions be handled by other user. This will make the bookkeeping clean.

Is that mean that I can not delete/rename “admin” user too?
Yes you are correct. You can not delete or rename “admin” user, this “admin” user take a big part of the wallet system too.

Can I create another admin account using different username?
Yes you can. As many as you need. You can create “adminABC” or “adminXYZ” whatever name you want.
“admin” is the SUPER ADMIN in this system, other users with admin role will be treated as EMPLOYEES.
It will be ONLY 1 SUPER ADMIN and 1 BANK in this system. Other admin accounts must report to SUPER ADMIN regarding “Offline topups”.

What is “transfer” button for?
Transfer button is for wallet balance transfer. Any EMPLOYEE can initiate wallet transfer to any users in the system. This is useful for a “Offline payment” transaction. When a CUSTOMER choose for an “Offline payment” when topping up wallet, CUSTOMER must contact any admin (example: adminABC) and show the proof of bank transfer to adminABC. After proof of transfer verified, adminABC will transfer the wallet balance to that CUSTOMER’S wallet. Now that CUSTOMER can pay monthly subscription with that wallet balance.

What should I do with negative SUPER ADMIN and EMPLOYEES wallet balance?
EMPLOYEES must hand over “real money” to SUPER ADMIN, then SUPER ADMIN transfer balance to EMPLOYEES to make balance back to zero.
Now SUPER ADMIN will have a big amount of negative wallet.
SUPER ADMIN have to hand over the real money to BANK (virtually if SUPER ADMIN and BANK are the same person).
Login as BANK, do transfer to SUPER ADMIN to make wallet zero.
The negative number in BANK account is the “real money” that is going in to the system.

When is the billing cycle?
Billing cycle will be on the first day of each month at 00:00 o’clock. This will apply to all users.

How do I charge the monthly subscription if a CUSTOMER start subscription on the 6th day of the month?
For the first month CUSTOMER will pay a pro-rated monthly subscription. The calculation will be like this: (30-5) * monthly price.
If monthly price is $30, then (30-5) * $30 = $25 for the first month, then next month on the 1st day will be charged full price $30.

Is the monthly billing done automatically?
Yes, the system will calculate the first month price and on every 1st day of the month it will automatically deduct CUSTOMER’S wallet. If CUSTOMER’S wallet is not enough, then it will not be renewed. CUSTOMER must do a topup first then it will automatically renew with same package as before.
TRIAL package WILL NOT auto renew. CUSTOMER must choose a package first.

What happen if CUSTOMER does not renew the subscription?
When CUSTOMER does not renew by the end of the month, CUSTOMER account will be marked as EXPIRED and can not send any more messages, until the account renew the subscription.

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