How to Install Razorpay Module For Wazone

Razorpay Payment Module is Now Available for Wazone WhatsApp Gateway.

You can now Receive Payments from users and it’ll be processed Automatically by Razorpay Payment Gateway.

How To Install

  • You’ll Get a ZIP file to download after Module Have Been Bought Successfully.
  • Download the ZIP File Named (‘‘).
  • Upload this zip file On the Wazone Modules Manager.
  • Navigate to Modules Manager Page and enable RazorpayModule.
  • Navigate to {{}} and enter your License Key which you can Get Here.
  • Navigate to {{}}. Make sure you setup App currencyCode and razorpayKeyId. Then Save Settings.

Hooray You’ve Successfully Enabled The Razorpay Payments Module for Wazone.


  • v2.1.0 -> Cosmetical changes. Requires Wazone Whatsapp Gateway v0.9.RC and up
  • v2.0.0 -> Change to client side processing, more secure, because connection will be from your device to Razorpay directly
  • v1.0.0 -> Initial Stable Release

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