How to Install Mercadopago Module For Wazone

You can now Receive Payments from users and it’ll be processed Automatically by Mercadopago Payment Gateway.

How To Install

  • You’ll Get a ZIP file to download after Module Have Been Bought Successfully.
  • Download the ZIP File Named (‘‘).
  • Upload this zip file On the Wazone Modules Manager.
  • Navigate to Modules Manager Page and enable Mercadopago Module.
  • Navigate to {{}} and enter your License Key which you can Get Here.
  • Navigate to {{}}. Make sure you setup App currencyCode, mpPublicKey and mpAccessToken. Then Save Settings.
  • NOTE: Allowed Currencies In Mercadopago are


Hooray You’ve Successfully Enabled The Mercadopago Payments Module for Wazone.


  • v2.1.0 -> Cosmetical changes. Requires Wazone Whatsapp Gateway v0.9.RC and up
  • v2.0.0 -> Change to client side processing, more secure, because connection will be from your device to Mercadopago directly
  • v1.0.0 -> Initial Stable Release

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