Foodomaa module tutorial

Wabot Settings
1. Enter your wazone admin panel and nodejs server urls, sender phone number, token
2. Pick ‘NONE’ if you don’t have a valid account with Twilio or Msg91 SMS gateway
3. Enter your gateway timeout value. If you feel slow when customer app click on payment, then lower it to 2 to 5 seconds
4. Please choose Email or Phone Login/Registration
SAVE the settings

Message Template Settings
1. You can edit the message templates individually and each target will get a different style of notification
2. There are {tags} available for you to insert in your customized messages
3. On OTP {tag} only available 1 tag {otp}
4. Delete this when in production => ????Message for {target}????
SAVE templates and see the changes that you have made!

Turn notification ON/OFF
1. Each User will have individual ON/OFF switch
2. If you want to do it at once to turn ALL users ON/OFF, you can click on the “Enable all”/”Disable all” button

Add new {tag} for personalized notification
Some of the tags are easy to make (single database table)
Some are harder if need 2 or more database relations.

I already make 3 tables available by default (table ‘orders’, ‘restaurants’, and ‘users)
1. Please open database, look at table ‘orders’, ‘restaurants’, and ‘users then check which columns you want to add as {tag}.
2. There are 2 files you must edit: /app/Http/Controllers/OrderController.php and /app/Observers/OrderObserver.php
3. From example below, now you can use {delivery_type}, {rating}, and {email}

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