How many buttons can I attached into a single message?
You can create as many buttons as you like in 1 message.
Menu settings->edit numOfButtons (default = 3).
This number is to set the max buttons shown, but if you don’t use all, you can leave it empty.
Example: you put numOfButtons = 10, and you create a message that only use 3 buttons, you can leave the other 7 empty.

BELOW is specific for List Buttons:

I see there are 4 textbox on each button. How do I use it?
1st is for SECTION TITLE
2nd is for ROW TITLE
4th is for KEYWORD

How to group multiple rows in one section:
On each 1st box, put the same SECTION TITLE (look at the first picture above)

BELOW is specific for Reply and Template Buttons:

I see there are 2 textbox on each button. How do I use it?
I will refer them as “topTextBox” and “bottomTextBox” to explain it better.
topTextBox = the actual text that is shown on the button, I will not explain further on this one, this is self explanatory.
bottomTextBox = the function, now I want to explain this one further, please read next question below!

What are the functions that I can use with bottomTextBox?
Now it is recommended to send button messages using “Reply buttons”, as this is compatible with android and iOS devices.
replyButtons DO NOT have capability to create URL or Phone link, but still able to make interactive chat-bot.

There are 3 functions available (templateButtons ONLY):
1. as a hypertext/html link. If you put any url starts with “http” or “https”, it will automatically create a button that will redirect to that url. This means you can put “https://wa.me/170712345678?text=Hi”, it will open whatsapp-web (on computer browser) or whatsapp app (on phone).
2. as a phone dialer. If you put any phone number starts with “+”, it will automatically create a button that will open the phone dialer on your phone (will not work on computer browser)
3. this is very interesting feature and I am guessing most of you come here just because of this feature. This button feature will create an auto chat bot. Let’s read the next question!

How to make a chat bot using buttons?
This chat bot will create a “tree” like structure. We will need to create the main menu, let’s make an “info” keyword.
Go to Autoreply menu -> add new autoreply

pay attention to bottomTextBox. we will use these for our next keywords

Next we will create 2 new keywords “yesNewUser” and “noNewUser”

After this, we will create 4 more keywords: “yesQuestion”, “noQuestion”, “officeAddress”, and “officePhone”.
And so on, and so on……

Download sample autoreply chat bot here!
Click link above and save the sql file.
Open phpmyadmin->click on Arrocy-WG DB->click Import->Choose File->Choose the sql file downloaded from above link->Go!
Type “test” to your bot!

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